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Enjoy the holy grail of craft beer.

Refer to the site map for stall locations at the festival, as indicated in yellow.

10 & 33

Mash Brewing

Copy Cat IPA

Winner of AIBA Champion Australian Beer 2014, the bench mark in IPA.

Freo Dr WA Lager

A lager made for WA with the essence of Fremantle in mind.  Fresh as the wind itself.


Kommunity Brew

Galaxy Hops

Low in sugar, gluten-free and vegan-friendly with full, crisp flavour. Galaxy Hops is the latest small batch, featuring hop cones that brim citrus, passionfruit notes.

Galaxy Hops is our Bright Ale Kombucha that is perfect for hot weather and very moorish. Australia’s first Kombacha using hops.


Ironbark Brewery

Hannan’s Lager

A strong Australian style pilsner, made famous in Kalgoorlie in 1937. Ironbark Brewery acquired the brand name and brews it’s own style of the famous beer.


Kimberley Rum Co

Canefire Mojito

A pinch of mint, a dash of lime and a hearty shot of Western Australians own Canefire Rum – Dark, White or Spiced with our newest launch; Maiden Voyage Spiced. Vigorously muddled and made to order these refreshing cocktails are sure to bring the Caribbean right to Fremantle’s doorstep.


Naked Apple Perth Hills

Cloudy Pear Cider

A new-world sweet, fruity, mildly carbonated cloudy apple cider at 4.2% alc/vol. Wild fermented, with no preservatives or other additives. Made using only fruit grown in the Perth Hills. It’s cider by fruit growers!

Scrumpy Cider

A traditional, rough and ready, un-carbonated cider. This cider reminds our English drinkers of home. It’s not for the faint-hearted!


Three Rivers

Cù Chulainn

(the legend of The Hound of Ulster) Irish Red Ale is made from genuine Irish malt sourced directly from Ireland.  Loughran Family Malt, Deluxe Irish Stout Malt, gives the beer it’s superb red hue.  Thanks to this “land-of-origin” malster family we can bring you the best Irish Red you’ll taste outside of the Land of Legends.


Riverside Brewhouse

Skyline IPA

Blending roasted flavours resinous, piney hop character and prominent bitterness. Largey modeled on the American IPA.


Little Creatures

Single Batch VHA Double IPA

The Very Hoppy Ale Series with big bold flavours (only 1 keg available).

India Rye Helles Inspired Lager

The Fremantle special, uncontained lager. Our celebration with Fremantle (Limited edition).

White Rabbit Red Ale

30% barrel aged. A balance of tart cherry and complex red wine flavours

(2 kegs only).


Our Berliner Weisse is a fluffy little bunny. A tart and tangy libation, refreshing and sessionable.


Moody Cow

Taksi Extra Pale Ale

Has heaps of citra hops.

Ranga Ginger Beer

Best described as a great summer companion.

Noisy Scrub Bird

Apple, pear and ginger cider.


Billabong Brewing

Wheat Beer

Beautiful, light colour, smooth tasting with hints of banana and vanilla.  A super Summer Beer!


Homestead Brewing

A New World Wheat Beer

In Collaboration with The Dutch Trading Co. Forget the banana and clove you may associate with a wheat beer, this is all about passionfruit and tropical flavours derived from new world hops.


Innate Brewers and Cellarbrations Superstore Hamilton Hill

Belgian inspired ‘Tripel’

Collaboration brew. Matured on a “bed” of Mango and Raspberry fruit…this will be available in the Cellarbrations stall.


Artisan Brewing

Erosion Biere de Miel

Distinctly honey on the aroma and pallet elegantly supported with sweet malt, light bitterness, and gentle esters and spice.

Belgian Chocolate Stout

Nitrogenated Stout made with several roasted and caramel malts and fermented with Belgian Yeast. The chocolate aroma and flavour was enhanced with Bahen & Co (Margaret River) cacao nibs. The nitrogen gives the body a creamy texture. The finish is dry and a perfect compliment to sweet chocolate desserts such as Chocolate Truffles or molten Chocolate Fondant.



Tiger Snake Sour

Come and be bitten – Fresh lemon juice, a hint of sugar syrup and a good serve of our locally produced Sour Mash, Tiger Snake.


Colonial Brewing Co

Australian IPA

Pours bright orange and instantly delivers wafts of tropical delight delivered by 100% Australian hops. Passion fruit, grapefruit and tangerine intertwine against a resinous backbone of piney goodness (because who doesn’t love piney goodness?) An all-Australian malt base cuts through the robust bitterness and provides a subtle sweetness to balance the alcohol, leaving you thirsty for more.   Great match for the BAHA FISH TACO from Greenhorns Eat House (stall 43).


The Cocktail Lab

Torched Passionfruit Pavlova

Locally brewed fresh saison, pavlova vodka, tropical juices, fresh passionfruit and blowtorched marshmallow.


Beer Dudes

Brewhouse Margaret River Undies Oatmeal Stout

Thick, rich, smooth. Oatmeal cream on top. A rare stout for the whole session.

Custard & Co “Gin & Juice”

Dry cider infused with botanicals used in West Winds Gin Juniper, Lemon Myrtle, Licorice Root and Sea Parsley.


Gage Roads Brewing Co

Imperial Red Ale – Fremantle BeerFest Limited Release

American citrus based hopping balanced with a rounded malt character bordering on velvety caramel. Deep red to the hand inviting intrigue and delivering with a complex and full-bodied experience.

Little Dove

Little Dove is an olfactory onslaught of a beer. Fresh bold tropical nectar. Fruits ranging from passionfruit and guava through to pineapple. A peace offering to ones lupulin threshold with it’s creamy bitterness.


 Northbridge Brewing Co

Mango Wheat Beer

A traditional Bavarian style Wheat beer infused with mango to create a unique drinking experience. Tropical fruity aroma, modest bitterness and a dry finish that ensures drinkability – a great thirst quencher on a hot day!


Last Drop Brewing Co

Sour Cheery Saison

Third Year Vintage. Brewed as Saison with infusion of pure Sour Cherry juice and fermented again, this Belgian farmhouse ale has fermented very dry with nice pink colour and light cherry aroma, it has been conditioning for more than 36 months.  It is not a sour beer as per se, but Sour Cherry Ale.


Otherside Brewing Co

Australian Summer Ale – Festival Ale

A medium bodied session brew, this Australian Summer Ale is as smooth and malty as your old man’s record collection. The crafty balance of Galaxy, Cascade and Simcoe hops hollers with citrus and tropical tones, with a finish as clean and crisp as Ginger Baker’s backbeat. Bam!


The Monk Brewery Kitchen

American Steam Strong Ale

Collaboration with Otherside Brewing.    A muscular and individual take on an iconic American hop-driven style
*You might even get a sneak preview of the upcoming Monk Summer Seasona- a deviation of the monastic ‘Enkel’ or Patersbier.


Howling Wolves Wines

Cabernato Cocktail

A rich, vibrant watermelon pink colour with lifted aromas of ripe raspberries and red currants with notes of baked rhubarb.  The aroma is fresh, zesty and uplifting, jam-packed with red berries and crisp Fuji apples and pomegranate. Describes as “Tuscan Summer in a glass”.


Thorny Devil


Pale, crisp, light – bodied and dry, with a distinctive wine – like flavour and aroma.

Pale Ale

Decidedly fruity, this New Age style Pale Ale hoppy & bitter ale displays a prominent passion-fruit, melon hop aroma without overpowering the senses.


Thorny Devil

Brewer’s Series Steam Ale

Our Steam is designed as an easy drinking refreshing lager to be enjoyed in the sunshine. It’s golden in colour, with yeast esters from the warm fermentation, citrus from the hops and caramel flavours from the malt. It is clean and crisp, medium bodied with a firm bitterness. Best served with good friends, fun times and available for a limited time only.

Pale Ale

A refreshing and lively handcrafted brew. Featuring bold aromatics of citrus, stone fruit and pine thanks to the hops, with a tasty caramel malty characters and drink-me more bitterness on the finish.


Nail Brewing

VPA (Very Pale Ale)

A huge pale ale heavily dry hopped with El Dorado hops and bursting with pineapple, passionfruit and orange with a solid bitterness and low-medium body.


The Cidery

Bitter Sweet Cider

Combining the unique qualities of English Scrumpy with a modern twist of swe-et cider, our crisp dry Spider Cider. WA’s oldest boutique cider producer, handcrafting artisan ciders from local Pink Lady apples in Bridgetown.